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MyRealtyWorks 2019 provides a new opportunity for rel estate professionals to take control of their marketing
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Announcing new innovations that help real estate agents, brokers and vendors create and publish landing pages, digital ads and other marketing materials from the MyRealtyWorks Suite.

PLANT CITY, Florida – March 5, 2019 – Today, Inzo Software Inc. announced that MyRealtyWorks 2019, with new marketing features and additional functionality, is now available for real estate agents, brokers and vendors free of charge. MyRealtyWorks is an online suite of tools for the real estate industry that helps them market to and communicate with clients as well as track, organize and manage deals and listings.

As part of Inzo Software’s commitment to provide an all-in-one solution for real estate professionals, MyRealtyWorks 2019 has extended its core CRM and social community features to include a built-in marketing platform that allows users to create, publish and track their own marketing materials such as web pages, landing pages, digital advertisements, flyers, post cards and more.

“We’re seeing a major change in the real estate profession as to how agents and teams go about marketing themselves,” said Michael Inzerillo, CEO of Inzo Software Inc. “Agents and brokers have grown tired of spending lots of money buying zip codes for leads. And with recent policy changes on sites like Zillow® and Trulia®, where an agent’s leads can be given away… it’s easy to see why people are looking for different options to get new business. Now, more agents are going hyper-local by using targeted landing pages and social media to generate higher quality leads from their own network. This approach not only saves agents a ton of money but also helps to promote them as the local and trusted agent in their community. And best of all – agents keep all their leads.”

MyRealtyWorks 2019 helps users easily create their own marketing materials using a simple, drag and drop design editor. Pre-designed templates are integrated with user data such as profile, listings and team information and empower users to quickly create, edit and rebrand marketing materials and make them ready for use in minutes.

Online materials such as web and landing pages are fully hosted on the MyRealtyWorks platform and come equipped with lead capture, routing and auto-response features that help users engage clients automatically. Users can create an unlimited amount of web pages and build a powerful lead generating funnel system – they THEY control.

Details on how real estate professionals can use MyRealtyWorks 2019 to help them market, communicate and organize their business can be found on the MyRealtyWorks website. MyRealtyWorks 2019 provides FREE access to essential features and users can upgrade to affordable premium plans that offer extended features.


Created from a real estate broker house, Inzo Software Inc. aims to provide the most complete all-in-one business solution and social community for the real estate industry. For more information, visit

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