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Inzo Software Inc. launches private beta program for MyRealtyWorks - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solution
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MyRealtyWorks – a Real Estate Sales & Marketing solution has entered its open beta phase today to an expanded group of early adopters and professionals from the real estate industry.

Real estate agents, brokers and vendors are now able to use the features of the MyRealtyWorks Real Estate CRM software to track, manage and market their business.

Key Features & Benefits of this Release:

  • Create and track contacts and details
  • Create and track properties and details
  • Organize people into groups and teams in
  • Invite people to join groups and teams
  • Update and verify account management functions (such as password reset, email address changes and more)
  • Globally search for members, groups, contacts and properties
  • Organize contacts, properties and members into user definable lists
  • Easily find, filter and summarize data with dynamic filtering and drag-and-drop feature

MyRealtyWorks | Popular Information

We build handcrafted websites and online digital marketing materials for real estate agents, brokers and other professionals.

We provide real estate SEO services to optimize your websites and landing pages to help increase your brand recognition and web traffic.

We offer a flat-fee PPC management service where we design, create and manage Google & Facebook ads to help drive traffic to your web sites.

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